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Loopy Mango

Loopy Mango Summer

Loopy Mango Summer

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100% Cotton

Loopy Mango Summer yarn is bulky weight.

90 yards (82 m) 3.5 oz. (100 g)

Made In Italy 

Non-mercerized cotton. 

This yarn is great for people with wool allergies and for warmer climates. Cotton is a plant fiber, making Summer yarn vegan.  

Care: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry or tumble dry. Please test any washing/drying method on a small swatch to ensure you like the end result. Our cotton is un-mercerized and minimally processed to preserve the fiber’s natural softness and elasticity.

Recommended needle size: US 10 (6 mm), US 15 (11 mm), US 17 (12 mm).

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