Great Yarns....your place for all things Knitting and Crocheting!

At Great Yarns, we are more than just the name suggests!  We are also a fabulous community of fiber enthusiasts who are friends, supporters, and encouragers of our shared craft.  The beautiful colors and textures on our
shelves represent natural fibers from flora to fauna in a variety of weights, personalities, and price points. 

Knitting, crocheting, and weaving should be accessible to everyone!

We offer both group classes and individual instruction to children and adults. 

Looking to make new fiber friends?  Join us for one or more
of our Social Stitching times:

Monday – 6 – 8pm

Tuesday – 11am- 1pm

Thursday- 2 – 4pm (OK….honestly, this group usually starts
showing up around 1pm)

Friday – 4 – 6pm

…..but of course you are welcome anytime to sit and stitch or
get a bit of help!


Can’t shop in person? 
We also accept orders by phone, by email to or online here at 

We continue to offer free shipping for all orders over $40 anywhere in the US.