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Vivacious Volume 1 Pattern Book from Fyberspates

Vivacious Volume 1 Pattern Book from Fyberspates

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We could all do with a little TLC in our lives: Time to knit, the Love of knitwear and the Comfort that just the right amount of stockinette can bring. In this first volume of Vivacious knitwear, we invite you to celebrate the weekend with your favourite knitwear.  

The Vivacious Collection offers knitters 10 timeless pieces that are simple to knit and a pleasure to wear. Whether you’re an experienced knitter seeking the comfort of a soothing knit or a beginner knitter taking your first steps into a new hobby, this collection offers pieces that suit every knitter’s weekend wardrobe and look great with your most trusted pair of jeans. Designed by some of our favourite British designers and worked up in the Vivacious hand dyed colourways, this is a collection that offers you the perfect recipe for a Sunday afternoon- comforting knits, enticing yarn and endless wear.  

Whatever comfort the weekend brings you, do it in Vivacious knitwear.

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