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Phoebe's Glamping Blanket

Phoebe's Glamping Blanket

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Pattern:   Glamping Blanket by Casapinka

Skills Learned: Lace and Texture, but easy enough for an adventurous new knitter!

KAL Day:  Tuesdays: First Session is Tuesday, January 19.      KAL Fee: $20.

Those who follow us on Social Media know that I finished Phoebe’s bright and colorful blanket in just a few days!!! We will take a little longer for our KAL, just in case you are working from home, supervising school children, and not quite as dog-obsessed as I am! The pattern actually comes in four sizes, so cat owners or non-pet folks can also join in the fun. With four or five colors of washable Baa Baa Bulky, the blanket is an entertaining knit that you’ll be snuggling under in no time.


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