Men's Sweater KAL!!

Men's Sweater KAL!!

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Starts Friday, October 18th, 4:00PM


Yes....more stitches, but YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Come join us as we knit us this distinguished sweater just in time for the holidays!!! A wonderful project, either as a gift for your favorite man or for yourself..... Pattern will be: Zacapa, by Thea Coleman, a decidedly masculine design with saddle shoulders and textural stitches. Knit in worsted or aran weight, it shouldn't take TOO long, plus your buddies will keep you stitching!!!

For intermediate – early advanced knitters. Our first meeting and fitting session will be on Friday, October 18, 4:00, and you can pop in during social knitting, knit night, or Friday afternoons for support and inspiration after that. Let's go, MEN!!!!

Pattern: Zacapa by Thea Coleman, available on Ravelry

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