Gedifra Design Magazine - Winter 2018/2019

Gedifra Design Magazine - Winter 2018/2019

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As expected Gedifra offers a fashion highlight of this year's knitting design magazines.
The small company from Tuscany looked around on the catwalks in Milan and summarized the most important trends in the current issue for us.
In addition to pop art graphics, XXL coats and pullovers in dark winter colours are available, black-white-grey combos with pop effects in yellow and pink create an extra good mood.

The magazine is dedicated to 3 main topics:

Modern Country: soft natural shades, rustic looks in bright, urban design and fashionable patterns with exactly that little bit of lively detail that we like so much about Italian designs.

Soft pastels: timelessly beautiful models, feminine and elegant

Winter blues: Opulent and luxurious models in an extravagant update. New, surprising cable pattern ideas with woven cords, loop patterns that create a great fur look and volume.

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