Crocheted Ornament Workshops

Crocheted Ornament Workshops

Regular price $10.00

2 hour workshops:

$10 per session, plus materials...or 4 for $30!!!

Each workshop will produce a different ornament.  Projects progress from the simplest to the most complex, so you learn something each time! You can take these classes one at a time, or receive a discount if you sign up for all of them. Students should be comfortable with SC, DC, and simple pattern-reading before they start!

Session 1:  Christmas Wreaths, Dec 7, noon - 2:00PM

Session 2:  Vintage Santa Ornament, Dec 10, noon-2:00PM

Session 3:  Snowflakes, Circa 2018, Dec 14, 10:00AM-noon

Session 4:  Granny Tree Ornament, Dec 17, noon-2:00PM

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