Wool and the Gang - Ra-Ra Raffia

Wool and the Gang - Ra-Ra Raffia

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There are about a million reasons to love Ra-Ra Raffia, our superstar yarn that's made of 100% long wood fibre. Light, airy and eco-friendly, this yarn comes in 4 natural shades (after all, she's born this way): Cinnamon Dust, Ivory White, Desert Palm and Midnight Blue.

Biodegradable and vegan, Ra-Ra Raffia is a crochet-friendly yarn that will add a little structure to your next project, making it the perfect fibre for summer hats, bags and home accessories. Plus, Ra-Ra Raffia is water-repellent and quick-drying, so you can even bring her to the beach for some sand-filled adventures.

Compostion:  100% Wood Fiber

Yarn Weight: 100g


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